Company Overview

The Go2Guys Company is a specialist  LED lighting solutions providor.


product that matches the clients’ requirements both in cost and quality. Go2Guys also provides a role to present new and innovative products to their client list.

We strongly believe that our role is to work directly with the client, understand their need and deliver what is required.


Our LED Technology division has come into its own under the banner

Committed to saving our clients electricity and money and adding the environment we offer; LED (Light-emitting diodes) technology which consumes up to 90% less energy and has longevity of up to 50 000hrs.Eskom’s Standard Product Offer for energy efficient technologies such as this makes provision for rebates to users.


Our Goals are to be Specialists in the latest LED products and to become the most preferred LED supplier by offering the latest Quality LED Modules, LED Strip Lights and general LED Lighting products at the most affordable prices and to provide excellent After Sales Service!


LED Technology

Rapid Advancements in LED Technology have opened the door to many New and Exciting LED Lighting opportunities.

LED Lights are recognised for been very Energy Efficient and therefore play an increasingly important role to help with our responsibility towards the environment.

LED Lights are Environmentally preferable products. They are RoHS compliant, containing No Mercury, Lead, or other Hazardous Materials. They emit No UV or IR radiation.

LED Retrofit Lights are rated for up to 50000 Hours at 70% Lumen Maintenance. That’s equivalent to replacing more than 50 Standard Incandescent lamps or 5 compact flourescent lamps. They are also ideal for hard-to-reach locations since longer re-lamping intervals reduce your maintenace costs.


LED Advantages

  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Energy Efficient Lighting
  • Low Maintenance Lighting
  • Easy Installations
  • Low Power and Heat
  • Savings of up to 90% on Lighting Costs